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Re+solution = resolution revolutionary

RESOLUTIONARY = one who searches out, identifies and applies at least one solution for our Planet, leaving the minimal carbon footprint.

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The challenge

For decades we have been presented with worthy scientific papers, books and documentary films warning us of the environmental dangers to come.

We have seen many protest marches, culminating in young Greta Thunberg’s mobilizing of 5 million schoolchildren from 130 countries accusing our generation (the 60 plusses) of doing nothing.

When I started to look for practical solutions, I might have accepted that dystopian judgement and yielded to a fatalist eco-anxiety. But during my fascinating but exhausting researches, it has been my relief and joy to discover the potential matrix for an ever-increasing number of solutions which Miss Thunberg’s generation, and mine, have the chance to use in an urgent combat.

Many talk of “saving” the Planet, while others insist that the Planet is perfectly capable of saving itself or Herself (Gaïa).

What however we can do is to clean up, to repair and to protect.

This is why we have created 366Solutions.com. One solution will be presented each day for the next 365 days (be sure to follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram).

For sake of argument, we have chosen 7 categories, with some solutions falling into more than one (click to see the solutions in each, and »» go to the Categories page to find out what is covered in  each category):

and finally – Solution366 = Yours! Visit our Contact Page if you have a solution you think should be included.

Over time, the solutions within these categories will accumulate and be even more useful to all of us.

“We welcome this website for its practical presentation of a very wide array of solutions.”

John B. Goodenough and M. Stanley Whittingham, Nobel Prize Winners for invention of the lithium-ion battery

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So when do you see the complete picture? Never! A magic date will be one year after our official launch, although the solutions will keep on coming in  after that! 

With COVID-19 and the subsequent financial crash, it has become impossible to give precise estimates on expense and profitability/loss – except that this time it must be investment for the profit of our Planet.

Of course, every solution in history has had its downside, and some readers will inevitably criticise the omission, others the inclusion, of a particular solution– on the grounds that it is immoral, dangerous or impractical.

But we do need to consider the excesses of the Third Industrial Revolution with its single-use disposable attitude in terms of an attack on the Planet from within.

We are besieged but we think we are safe behind our castle walls. Not in my back yard. Therefore in addition to the above-mentioned endless debates, scientific papers and socially-networked mass protests and on-line petitions, we need to make a counterattack with every weapon we can innovate and construct and put into operation. Time is running out. Deadline dates vary but there is certainly a tipping point.

In Medieval times, when those living in a walled citadel saw an enemy approaching to lay siege, they did not merely gossip and protest in the town square and count their beads in the church! To protect their home, they too searched solutions with their catapults, their cauldrons of boiling oil, increasing their stack of arrows, sharpening their swords and spears.

Planet Earth is currently in one of the most sophisticated but experimental operating theatres where many surgeons and nurses are using a whole array of tools some better trialled than others, some literally off the test bench, others better tried. A form of global chemotherapy.

This is just one of a trillion dollar per year series of “last ditch” operations for a world population whose chances of survival are marginal. Indeed these measures may only prove palliative for a terminal condition. This is an Earthshot for which there is no Planet B.

Were many of the other solutions described on this website to be mass produced as swiftly as with the COVID-19 pandemic response, our Planet’s chances of survival would be exponentially increased.

We believe that the unprecedented collision space virtually provided by 366solutions.com will enable a multiple cascading of benefits through a catalyst of cross fertilisation.

Hopefully this website, a message of hope, will better equip you the visitor to enter into the urgent combat to clean, to repair and protect our Planet even more than you may have been doing already. We need all the tools in the box in harmony. The time for talking and indeed walking is over.

Right now, we Resolutionaries must run side-by-side into battle, before it is too late! Join us!

Kevin Desmond
Jeff Butler
Planet Earth

Kevin Desmond
Jeff Butler

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