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154: Fishery data management system


Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) depletes fish stocks, destroys marine habitats, distorts competition, puts honest fishers at an unfair disadvantage, and weakens coastal communities, particularly in developing countries. One of the leading causes of IUU fishing is the lack in capacity of effective monitoring, control, and surveillance operations within fishing industries.


OLSPS Marine (OLSPS), based in Cape Town, South Africa, was set up by Amos Barkai and Mike Berg to prevent illegal fishing through a fishery e-log or data management system that can record and report marine and vessel-based information.

Their Olrac Integrated Electronic Monitoring and Reporting solution (iEMR) incorporates on-board Camera Monitoring (EM for Electronic Monitoring) and eLog Reporting (ER).

While the underlining technologies of the EM and ER core components are different from each other, they are complimentary in that together they can deliver effective Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) of fishing operations and related activities. Olrac iEMR has the potential to make a dramatic, positive impact on the Blue Economy

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