304: Toftlund


Polyester is one of the most popular synthetic fibres in the world. For decades, it’s been used in everything from packaging to garments but its biodegradability leaves much to be desired


Nishant Verma, Project Leader at IKEA Services India, in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India has developed Toftlund, a soft touch artificial washable sheepskin based on recycled polyester bottles
Bottles are shredded into flakes. The flakes then get compounded into plastic pellets and transformed into recycled polyester fibres.
Super soft, warm and cozy whether you have it as a floor piece, drape it over your armchair or want to add comfort to your bench. It looks and feels like a sheepskin but …..

What you can do: If you are thinking of buying a sheepskin rug, buy a Toftlund rug instead

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