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107: Dishwashing balls


In 1889, when after ten years of prototypes Mrs W.A. Cockran of Shelbyville, Indiana, USA, produced an electrically operated dish-washing machine, neither its energy and water consumption, nor the harmful effects of chemical detergents on the ecosystem, were taken into account.


Dishwashing balls

The eco-efficient bio dish washing machine has become of primary importance and one key solution is the natural ceramic Eco Hi-Ball.

The Eco Hi-Ball for dishwashers uses oxygenation of the water to effectively clean and shine, without the harmful effects of a chemical detergent.

Its case body is formed by thermally bonding a top plate and a bottom plate and has through holes formed in an outer side portion to completely drain the washing water at the time of washing dishes. In this way the washing balls can be maintained in a dried state and their efficiency.

What you can do: Use Eco Hi-Balls.

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