200: Fish skin leather

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Most edible fish is de-skinned and the skin thrown away.


Having earned their degrees in chemical engineering, Benjamin Malatrait and Gauthier Lefébure spent three years researched a solution achieve chromium-free vegetable tanning of fish skins recovered from Japanese restaurants in Paris, which they called “Cuir Marin de France” marine leather.

They named their first product “Squama”, highly quality flaked salmon leather, soon followed by sturgeon leather and Dombes carp leather.

Naming their brand Ictyos (ichthys in Greek means fish), Malatrait and Lefébure collaborated with the Leather Centre at Lyon to finalize the development of the drum process before setting up its own 250m² premises – the first tannery to be created in more than 40 years in France – in Saint-Fons, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France.

Recycling fish skins locally and then from fish farmers across France, Ictyos marine leather is used for the making small leather goods, jewellery and watch-making markets. The first orders for salmon leather, mainly in black, red, blue, blue, gold and brown tones, are in progress.

What you can do: Visit the ICTYOS Shop to purchase a stylish product made of fish skin leather.

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