201: Furniture from Beer


Brewing grains used in making beer are only partially reused (for breeding, compost, human food, etc.). In 2017, 300 million tonnes ended up fermenting in a waste reception center (figure based on French beer consumption in 2017, i.e. 2 billion liters.)


Furniture made out of wasted brewing grains

Cabinet designer and maker Franck Grossel, 27 years old, of St.-Quentin, Hauts-de-France, France has founded Instead to convert grains into a wide range of variations (tables, bar stools, lamps, acoustic panels, particle boards, etc.) amplified by its technical characteristics (flexibility, resistance, malleability, impermeability, etc.)

Based on the colour of the beer brewed, from lager to dark stout, the colour of the furniture can be varied.

Instead was the 2020 laureate of the Banque Populaire Foundation.

What you can do: Purchase some beer grain furniture from Instead

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