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179: Green bonds


Those who are to finance solutions need fiscal encouragement


Green bonds.

Green bonds are designated bonds intended to encourage sustainability and to support climate-related or other types of special environmental projects.

They come with tax incentives such as tax exemption and tax credits, making them a more attractive investment compared to a comparable taxable bond.

It began in 2001, when voters in the City of San Francisco approved a revenue bond authority, in the form of a city charter amendment known as the “solar bonds,” to finance renewable energy and energy conservation measures on homes, businesses and government buildings so taking meaningful action on climate change.

Since then, green bonds have been growing rapidly. The total volume of green bonds was estimated at 160 billions of dollars on 2016; of which 70 billion were issued in 2016. The labelled volume of bonds issued in 2019 was US$ 255 billion.

The EU Green Bond Standard is a practical and secure financing tool to ensure the real economy investments create environmental impacts that fulfil Europe’s climate goals and other long-term environmental objectives.

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