26: Compostable baler twine


Recycling rates for baling twines are low. The synthetic string used to bind hay or straw into a more compact and easily stacked form  usually ends up in a landfill, or is burned and emits toxins.


Rebtex (Pty) Ltd of Polokwane, South Africa manufactures sisal baling twine that is a safe, non-toxic plant fibre product that is totally biodegradable.

Rebtex twine is available countrywide from farmers supply stores and co-ops in three types differing in thickness, tensile strength and length per 5kg spool for round balers, large round balers and square balers.

Sisal fibers are made of 65% cellulose, 12% Hemicellulose, 9.9% Lignin, and 2% Waxes. Cordex “Envirocord” biodegradable baler twine is engineered to be a high-performing, yet cost-saving alternative to sisal baler twine.

It is water proof and odorless, and is solar degradable starting at 3 months of sun exposure. When comparing the same spool length and tensile strength, savings of 33% to 50% are realized.

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