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338: X Prize Carbon Capture and Removal


The Carbon Capture and Removal solutions which have being appearing on this website need a serious incentive.


XPrize Carbon Removal

February 9th 2021 Tesla and Space X CEO  Elon Musk launched a four-year competition which will see 15 teams receive $1million each to develop ideas to capture carbon from the atmosphere or oceans, with a $50million prize awarded to the winning project, second place $20 million and third $10 million. According to XPrize Foundation, this makes it the largest incentive prize in history.

Funded by Musk and the Musk Foundation and organised by non-profit organisation the XPrize Foundation, XPrize Carbon Removal challenges designers to develop a machine to pull large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from either the atmosphere or the oceans.

“We want teams to build real systems that can make a measurable impact at a gigaton level,” said Musk. “Whatever it takes. Time is of the essence.” The overall aim of the contest is to produce a device that can remove one gigaton โ€“ one billion tons โ€“ of CO2 from the earth per year.

According to the organiser’s estimates, we need to remove around six gigatons of CO2 per year by 2030 and 10 gigatons per year by 2050 to reach the climate goals agreed in the Paris Agreement climate change treaty.

The winner of the contest will need to develop a scale model of their carbon removal solution and demonstrate that it has the potential to be scaled up to meet the one gigaton target.

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